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New features for Siri

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Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, has the ability to control and control applications, recognize incoming bookings by email, and automatically create appointments on those dates. This is the best way to always respect your appointments and achieve your goals.

Instead of Apple Music, I prefer the Deezer streaming service. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to search with Siri in the latter. Is it due to system constraints or a lack of developers? With Google Assistant, I can always say “Play some music” to open Deezer. The same goes for Google Play Music. In our Google Home test , listening to music is the most functional part of Google Assistant.

What we see with music can be applied to many other third-party services: Google has always been able to choose the default service, the opening already demonstrated by Google Play services continues on the digital assistant.

Apart from that, Siri and Assistant are fabulous. With a voice command, you can open applications, start voice calls, or even dictate messages. You can do exact research and find the nearest distributor. You can set the timer or turn off the lights in the room. You can even edit songs played by the smart speaker in the living room.

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