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  Generate and Copy Share Link for Earning

All Share HD is a very comprehensive website. Here you can earn in many ways, such as by sharing links, posting, referring, etc.

There is no need to invest any money here. Minimum 5$ can withdraw money at Skrill/paypal/Bikash. But yes if you want to earn from you must read policy carefully.


How to become a member of

If you want to earn by joining earning program, then you must have the following things. You can become a member of if you have the following.


①Must have a mindset to work every day.

②Must have computer or smartphone.

③Must have internet connection.


How to earn?

A registered member of can earn in various ways. For example,

1. Earn by sharing videos.

2. Write articles.

3.Earn by referring.


1. Earn by sharing videos


If you want to earn by sharing videos, you have to generate the link and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, blog comment, question and answer site, blogger, YouTube or such sites. The more visitors come to our site by clicking on your shared link, the more income you will get. If the shared link gets 1000 views, the maximum income will be 6 dollars.

How to share videos?

First you have to come to the website by typing All Share HD and create an account by clicking on the Register option. Then enter the account by clicking on the Login option. Then open the video of your choice. Under the title you will see "Generate and copy share link for earning" option, click here. After clicking the link will be generated and copied. Now share the copied link wherever you want.

You can share as many links as you want.


Import YouTube videos

You can import your favorite videos from YouTube to our website and share them. If you want to import video, first you have to copy the YouTube video link, then you have to import the video by clicking on Import Video option from your desktop. Then generate the link and share it.


2. Earn by writing articles


First you have to register on and become a member. Then login and write the article. And if your article is reviewed by the admin and published, the published article will earn up to 6 dollars for 1000 views.

How to submit articles?


First you have to come to the website by typing All Share HD and create an account by clicking on the Register option. Then enter the account by clicking on the Login option. Then you will see Add Article option on the dashboard, click there and submit with title, description and image.

What can you write about on

Web Hosting, Blogging & Websites, YouTube, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Computer & Mobile, Software, Android Apps, Games, Technology.


Conditions for article publication:

Article must be 100% unique. No copyrighted articles will be published.

Article should be at least 300 words.

A unique feature image must be added.

You can publish links of your published articles on various social media and other websites to increase your article views.


3. Earn by referring


As soon as you register on you will get a Referrals option on your dashboard. If you want, you can share that link in different places and register your friends on our website through that link.

You will get 30% from the earnings of each user who registers on our website on your referral.

Note: No earnings will be deducted from the account of the referred member. It is directly provided by the website authority.


How much money can be earned from

Unlimited income can be earned from There is no catch rule regarding income limit here. He can earn as much as he works.


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