The pathway of a vegan


The key to an increased life expectancy is vegetarianism. Not only does this boost our immune system, but curbs the threat of major health problems. Moreover, this is the most efficient method to reduce starvation, which is caused by the overexploitation of resources in livestock ranching.

 In addition, malnutrition and deficiency diseases are being faced in various parts of our world due to starvation and grossly unbalanced diets. Increased food production is failing to keep up with our overgrowing population and food habits are profoundly interrupting in the way.

 Most of the people depend on meat for their everyday meal, which is highly exerting pressure in our meat industry including livestock agriculture. These are also immensely contributing to the global warming issue. Gallons of water are being wasted behind growing meat in an animal’s body, which would rather be less if we had chosen the path of vegans or balanced different type of food, instead of being accustomed to a certain type. We are wasting more amount of grains for our little need. We are staking our lives without even realizing it.

By reducing the pressure we exerted on meat, we can halt the effect of pollution from animal-agriculture on our lives. In fact, long term effects of deforestation can be concluded from befalling us. Resources should rather be wisely used for our essential needs, which is a more sustainable idea to solve all these problems and can only be done by vegetarianism. Researches, investigations and medical studies proved all the negative impacts of meat intake and the knowledge to understand the need of a massive shift in our food type. This provoked concern in several people for the planet’s longevity and led vegetarianism to become popular over the past few years. There can be questions on being a vegan such as- “won’t this exert pressure on our farming lands and greeneries?,” Well, it isn’t necessary to completely change into vegan. Human body requires all sort of food to gain the perfect amount of nutrition which makes up a healthy body. Lessening the amount of meat intake and balancing different type of food would also help to solve this problem.

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